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[+] Schneehase // Hase
[+] 18 Jahre
[+] weiblich
[+] Widder!
[+] blau/grüne Augen
[+] rote Haare
[+] Ro - suchti
[+] TdV - verrückt!
[+] glücklich vergeben!

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Nobody understands how much I miss you. I miss how much we used to talk and miss all the things we used to do. I try not to admit it to myself that I still feel this way. Nobody knows that I still wake up thinking of you each day... I still think of you and I really do miss you. I would give up everything just to see you one more time.

[+] 24. October '06 till now~
[+] over 6 Month // over a half year <3
[+] Miss you every second
[+] Love you with all my heart...

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